Personalised Videography

We are proud to have Houghton Visuals, a unique and young entrepreneurial team specialising in videography and Drone Services. Together we create some stunning content. Houghton Visuals is run by the youngest Houghton member, Lewis.

Lewis who set up the company 5 years ago is gaining more and more knowledge and experience in the media industry and offers a lot of unique features when filming any projects for us. We work with the latest Drones and 4K cameras combined with gimbals.


  • Promotional videos for various clients
  • Social media videos and content
  • Drone surveying and services
  • Editing
  • Bespoke Events
  • Weddings
  • Building Developments


All videos and photos on this website are taken by Houghton Visuals. Keep up to date with all of the latest edits:



For any enquires contact,

Lewis Houghton,

07968 898898

For any enquires with Houghton Visuals contact,

Contact Us

TEL: 01245 471 289